November 2019. As I browse inside Costa Mesa's indoor mall on a cool autumn day, I notice fake fur coats in different colors. There are also some puffy jackets, coats, and vests. Whether bold color or neutral, fluffy fake fur is the latest trend for cool fall and winter days. Consider a fake furry purse, boots and hat. 

  1. quilted purses with chain handles
  2. fake fur purses
  3. small crossbody purses
  4. small utilitarian purses around your waist, which look like fanny-packs but more fashionable.
  5. stylish beanies and matching gloves
  6. blanket scarves
  7. pleather gloves
  8. boots
  9. berets
  10. neutral outfits with bold-colored fake fur coat, jacket or vest, as well as bold colored accessories, such as hat, purse, gloves, and/or shoes.
Fashion Digital Art on Corel
Fashion Digital Art on Corel

Friday, 11.22.19, I finally uploaded Corel Draw 2019 and Painter Essentials 6, after getting a new modem from Cox. As I am familiarizing myself for Corel Draw, I am loving it. I just need to practice the features and tools until I become comfortable with the new software. I used my latest snapshots from South Coast Plaza window display, and changed the overall image. It now looks like Rose the Hat character in the new 2019 film, Dr. Sleep, which is the sequel to The Shining.



September has always been a big month for fashion. For one thing, the September issue fashion magazines have always been the thickest, filled with colorful fall fashions, right off the fashion week runway shows. Since not everyone is able to attend fashion week events, YouTube videos give you a front row seat at various fashion week runway shows all over the world. 

Fall Fashions 2018 in Orange County, California includes bold colors, loafers, ankle boots, corduroys, pleather moto jackets, and bold stripes. Berets, knit beanies, and knit slouchy beans are cozy and warm for autumn's cool weather. 

Other must-haves for Fall 2018 include over-the-knee and thigh-high socks, romper worn with tights or hosiery, culottes, wide-legged cropped pants, and 3/4-sleeve cardigan. 

Intentionally torn denim clothes continue to be popular for teens and young adults. 80s-style cargo pants in bold colors, cropped denim jackets, and camouflage parkas are popular items for streetwear fashions. Consider yellow, gold, black, burnt orange browns, red, and olive green. 

Moreover, I noticed that popular hairstyles for this autumn is shoulder-length, straight, and bangs. 

  1. White t-shirt (I do have a couple from the past, and some were actually free from fashion magazine events. I have a JANE Magazine white t-shirt)
  2. Black camisole (I do have some from the past, as well as I have later added more in different colors because I seemed to wear them like tank tops or in a layered outfit).
  3. Blazer (neutral color-black, gray, white, camel, or beige color, and I do have a couple from the past in gray, white, black, and camel, and each of mine are in different styles from different trendy eras, but is still like each one).
  4. Denim pants (everyone has jeans in their wardrobe, and I have many that I love, but I currently need to lose around 5 pounds to get into mine).
  5. Black cigarette pants or skinny jeans-I do have one, as well as leggings).
  6. Trousers (wide-legged tradition pants, and in my case, it is my gray pants and hounds tooth print pants).
  7. White bottom down shirt-everyone has this one, I am sure.
  8. Little Black Dress (It can be any length, whether short, medium, or long, but it must be your style). I do have a couple from my past, but I think my older ones might be too small.
  9. Denim jacket-I have 3 denim jackets from the past, which I wear for different occasions-two are creative and fun, and the third one is now trendy because it has lots of ruffles.
  10. Pleather Jacket or Pleather Moto Vest-I only have a pleather moto vest in a light green color, which isn't neutral but I still like the color and I often wear it with neutral colors, such as all black or another monochromatic dark color for contrast.

I went browsing on youtube, watching different videos, and I thought this video was informative about fashions. I think it is interesting because it is the must-have basic foundation in any wardrobe, which should be in a neutral color so you can build on it with your colored, prints, and trendy items in order to bring out your individual personality in a creative and unique way. You don't have to use the neutral colors and brand names that she has because everyone has their own personal preference. It is important to really know yourself, your lifestyle, and your personal style in order not to frivolously waste your money on items you don't really want or need.

This video also lists three other must-haves--a black turtleneck, black crewneck sweater, and black coat, in which are perfect for cooler months. I have two pea coats-one in aubergine and one in gray, in which I only really wear in autumn and winter. My sweaters and turtlenecks are different colors, and I don't plan to wear any in the next two or three months. But I think that this video is a good one to summarize the must-have basics of any wardrobe.


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Fall/Winter 2017 LookBook Part 2

  1. patent items--I might have some accessories from the past.
  2. shoulder pads--I know I still have some from the 80s.
  3. winter florals--might have dark and cool colors of wintertime. I think I have autumn-colored floral print. But I might also have some winter florals, as well.
  4. fringes--I don't wear too much fringe. So, I am not sure if I have any.
  5. Space Patterns--I do have 1 shiny and space pattern leggings.
  6. oversized knits--I do have some big sweaters.
  7. monochromatic pink
  8. patchwork reminds me of Holly Hobbie, and I think I have 3 items.
  9. Lace
  10. Slogans on clothes--I have a couple.

I decide to check out my webnode website because I haven't been here for a while. I notice it has been two years since I have posted here. I have been busy finishing drawing my graphic novel, and now all I need to do is proofread and self-publish. But I need a break. I decided to post this video...

I recently received the October 2017 issue of California Style magazine from South Coast Plaza. I browse to see if anything stands out as different and interesting from September 2017 fall lineup, but still adds to my September fall wardrobe.

Checkered, Plaids, Herringbone, colored fur, thigh high boots, double denim, shearling coats, velvet, feathers, sterling silver, leather, and monochromatic red.